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About Maui

Maui was adopted October 1, 1995 and it was suspected that she was 2-3 years old. Our girl made it to about 16 1/2 years.

Maui loved to steal lighters (trying to get us to stop smoking), she loved her morning baths with a wet washcloth once we’re out of the shower, she loved to be ‘spanked’, she loved to rassle with her siblings – most of all Esme, Maui loved to sleep, and Maui loved to eat.

Maui did love to eat… she would send in her companions one by one until one of us got up to fill the food bowls…

We will not rename ‘your’ bedroom – it will always be “Maui’s room”. We feel closer to you when we’re in your room……….. we’re glad you let us put the computer in your room too 🙂

Maui was a big girl, and back in the old days (before we knew better) – we would let her go outside (chain-linked 4ft fence). We didn’t let her back in the house soon enough… so she (all 19lbs of her) climbed the fence came up to the front door (it was open) and demanded to be let inside… While that never happened again – she continued to show how she would get her way and how very smart she was. In our house (she has three siblings) – she claimed her own room, her own bed, her own food dish and her own potty – she was the queen and the others knew it (and respected it). We hope that time will heal our other furry family as they all miss her.

We miss seeing you sit with your paws crossed near to her closest companion – Esme. We miss the ‘noise’ without you… it is so quiet now.

Our home is not the same. We’re sure time will heal and things will settle into a ‘new’ norm, but there will always be the memory of you – till the end of our days.

Maui told us it was time to go, and for that we are thankful – we were able to be with her and say goodbye. She talked till the end, she loved till the end. We wish we would have had more time. We try to rationalize that she was ‘old’ and had a good life – we hope so

Photos of Maui

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